East-West: a Dance of Polarity

Our planet is a living organism that evolves and follows the rhythm given by the laws the rule our universe.

Our planet is estimated to exist for over 4.5 Billion years. Theosophy teachings refer to the existence of 5 different races of humanoid beings over the last 130–150 million years. Ancient books refer to several different races of humanoids, somethings referred to as giants, sometimes as Gods, but one theme remains constant; the rise and fall of great civilizations. The repeating cycles that create new structures and eventually lead to their fall.

Our galaxy is ruled by universal laws, deeply studied by the hermeticism between 1300 to 1600 AC. There are 7 basic laws that rule the universe, but I will focus on 5 of them to explain the cycles that Earth is susceptible to.

“Everything Vibrates, so Everything is in constant movement; therefore, nothing is stable, nothing is fixed.

Everything is Dual, so there is an opposite polarity to Everything (identical in nature but different in degree).

Everything respects a Rhythm, in a constant flow: out an in, rise and fall; like in a pendulum-swing.

Every cause has its effect, also known as the Karma Law.

Gender is in Everything, and Everything has its masculine and feminine principles.”

Our planet is not different, and therefore it must obey the same cosmic laws. The physical matter seems to have a higher susceptibility to these forces, not due to the lack of consciousness but for the lack of Free Will. Isn’t that the special gift given by God to his human creation?

The fact is that humans still have physical bodies and, therefore, are exposed to the same influences. If you heard about numerology, astrology, and many other esoteric sciences, you might already realize the influence of external forces on our personalities and destinies.

Amongst all the hermetic laws, the one that we struggle with the most is the Law of Polarity or Duality. Most of us can understand Karma, Rhythm, even Gender but not Duality.

The beauty behind the Law of Duality is the eternal pendular dance that happens between East and West, North and South. As the human experiences dive into extreme poles of Love and Hate, Masculine and Feminine, we commonly ignore the fact poles reside in the same spectrum, with different concentrations it's characterizing energy.

The opposites are inseparable and, at the same time, unavoidable in a dual universe.

The East advanced over the last centuries in the extreme rational (masculine) manifestation. As Everything is dual, Eastern society developed by suppressing almost entirely the feminine expression, attacting almost naively its extremity in the law of Polarity. Like in a pendulum, the object remains anchored in a central point that drags it to its extreme opposite.

This is how our beautiful planet has lived over the existence of the various human races, manifesting the universal principles on its soil. East and West, dancing over the masculine and feminine forces.

We achieved the climax of the masculine manifestation in the Eastern civilization. The mind over the heart. it`s now time for the pendulum to bounce back towards its opposite force.

Let us embrace the cosmic forces that shift forces and create the beautiful dance on this planet, and remember the free will allows you to make choices. You can dance with it or be carried out by it.

With Love


Read more about the Hermetic Laws in The Kybalion by Three Initiates, 1908.



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