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Soul Fractals

Understanding more the Pain of the World

Last year, I was exposed to the concept of Soul Fractals for the first time. It opened a whole new chapter on my journey, but also my spiritual research.

Soul fractals can be created through ruptures of the soul caused by traumatic events. As our souls are eternal, painful events are not an exclusivity of modern times. They carry dozens if not hundreds of painful experiences that deems to threaten the very existence of their human vessels.

Traumatic events that are so painful to the physical existence, being the pain physical or emotional, cause the soul which inhabits the body to fragment itself in an attempt to preserve its light or to send part of the pain away. Like in a sinking ship, the soul is able to save part of its essence by creating lifeboats and sending them away. The purpose, one could ask, it’s to minimize the damage.

For ages, we’ve been aware of the power of our minds, and the human ability to create both in the physical and mental dimensions. Many theories support the idea that our material creations start in the mental dimension where all humans play with their minds consciously or unconsciously.

“You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince.

These words are more powerful than you might imagine. The seven bodies that compose the human experience on Earth, including the Physical Body, are able to create in their own dimension. Creations could start in our emotional body or our mental body, and they are as real as the one’s ones you do in this physical dimension. Mental creations that receive enough energy quantum can manifest themselves in the physical world.

“We were made to the image of God”. So, we were given his/her same power to create through love. Our primitive brains, though, know more than just love. It feels pain in all dimensions. Under extreme circumstances, it can experience the absolute opposite of love, its absence.

What most of us didn’t know is that our pain and our fear have the same power to manifest creations using our seven bodies.

Our soul fractals (lifeboats) can be created with the purpose of preserving loving parts of our souls in the event of an imminent threat, but it can also be created to minimize the impact of that traumatic experience filled with the wound, which has originated it.

For the lovers of the Show Sense8, it could be easier to understand. Humans can manifest their creative power in love or fear. Soul fractals that are sent away from a suffering soul are still bound to their source and it’s subject to its will.

Although these fractals were sent away in a self-protective instinct, the binding with its source soul is eternal. Fractals created in pain, also called unhealed parts of your soul, can still develop physical manifestations in your body. Physical Diseases are some times originated from dissonant expressions of unhealed soul fractals.

Forgiveness, Love, Compassion can be used to heal these parts and can be used to integrate these parts back to the source soul. Bringing your soul fractals back could be the very secret for true joy, health, and inner peace.

The current time demands that we embrace our wounds, our enemies, our suffering in the loving energy of compassion. Not in pity, but like a mother is able to love her child no matter how troubling it can be.

The more you understand this concept; the clearer is the fact that all the problems of the world are created the same way. The collective Consciousness also manifests creations in love or pain. Famine, War, Diseases, Cataclysms can very well be manifestations of the fragmentation of the collective and the Earth's souls.

Instead of looking for enemies and danger outside, instead of feeding the separation mentality that permeates human society, we should assume our responsibility in identifying our own creations. The loving and the fearful ones, revolving them in our compassion and signaling our awakening as the proof our souls are back to safety, able to host them again and manifest our divine existence on this planet.

It’s not an easy task, but it offers many gifts that come along with these fractals. When all parts of your soul are back home, you will realize who you indeed are. Your purpose, and your soul mission, are only found when all pieces of the puzzle of human existence are put together, reconnecting you back to divinity.

With love and compassion,


Ascending Grace



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